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Richard Ward Digital Artist & Animator Lives in Boscawen, NH Studies in Portland, ME Student at the Maine College of Art Email: Website Created by Richard Ward My Goal as an Artist I want to be a part of something that will change the world or bring others happiness, comfort, and entertainment. My dream job is to be part of a studio for Games, Movies, Comic Books, Books, or create a studio of my own. This is just the beginning. Recent I am a 20 year old sophomore at the Maine College of Art (MECA) studying Concept Art and Digital Game Art. I work in multiple mediums, focusing in Digital Art but I am also fluent in traditional mediums: graphite; pencil and powder, cut paper, watercolor, ink and charcoal. As of recent, I am creating a series of digital paintings tackling the notion of body positivity while emulating an emotion. The goal of this project is to push to normalize the male body as it is generally seen as a funny, weird, or disgusting thing. Early Years to Now I started to scribble when I was two years old. I drew on napkins and paper then moved on to tracing paper when I was 7. When I transfered to my second elementary school, art was something I wanted to pursue. But I was faced with the most harshest of critics at the time; my teacher. After experimenting with materials I have not used before, I was told that I would make an awful artist and she used me as an example of what not to do. At the time I hated her, and I believed her. Now I just laugh and see that moment as one of the main reasons I fought for art. I wanted to prove her wrong, and I did. Now I thank her for it. After forgetting about art, I entered middle school and found the spark of art reignited inside me. I joined the art club and took all the art classes possible and did pretty well in the classes. I enjoyed it. I got requested to paint a mural for the school and it was hung up to display for years. I entered high school and that's when my art career got refined and worked upon. I would draw during my free blocks, which I had little, and I applied for the highest level art classes. My teachers were very influential. They both pushed me to think of engaging and thoughtful concepts for my artwork. During my learning in these art classes, I won a handful of awards. I won four gold keys, two silver keys and an honorable mention in the Scholastic Art awards, landing me scholarships to several colleges. During my junior year (2016), I was requested by my teacher to partake in the Congressional Art Competition for the second district of New Hampshire. The title of the competition was daunting to me, there was no way I could win I thought, but I entered anyways because why not. To my surprise, I won. I set a big example for the school about how art, and the art department they were taking funding out of, can lead to amazing and inspiring things. To enter a competition you had thought there was no chance in winning, and win -- that does a lot for a high schooler. Shortly after I won, I met a local gallery owner in my town and she offered to help me learn what it takes to fund raise for my trip to DC, pre-college, and for school supplies. I fund raised well over what I was asking for, all sources of money coming from the people of the town and family members who believed in me. Later that junior year summer, I went to DC and saw my piece, Inspiring Opportunities, hung up on the walls of the congressional tunnel; so close to the white house. In response to winning the large award, I also went to a pre-college program at NHIA during that summer. I met so many artists with ambition just like me and I learned so much about what it is to be learning at a college level. It was an experience I will never forget. After high school I joined the fabulous community of the Maine College of Art. As of now I'm learning what It takes to be a successful artist in the real world, and I can't say that it's easy, but I can say that I'm in love with what I do, I'm learning more than ever, and I'll do almost anything to achieve my goals.